Coast to Coast Prospecting Tours 

and Training

we will help you find more gold

At Coast to Coast Prospecting Tours & Training we know that prospectors are optimistic people.

That's because they have made a substantial financial investment (detector, 4WD, camping gear, petrol, time) in order to chase the elusive 'yellow'.

But the sad fact is that just like fishing, 10 percent of people will find 90 percent of the gold!

The difference is about knowledge and skill, dedication and that elusive thing called luck!

At Coast to Coast we can't promise to make you lucky!

But we can promise that our personalised detector training will give you the very best chance to find more gold and maybe put you in that 10 percent. 

Or for many new chums - to find that first all important piece of gold!

Our personalised approach will fast-track you through the complexity of manuals and menus and give you confidence to use your detector to its full capacity.

Enjoy personal attention (no more then two other students) that enables you to learn quickly and to ask all the questions you have been dying to ask!

Our training day will cover goldfield geology,setting up your detector, smart coil selection and a lot more.

Our training is ideal for owners of the GPZ 7000; SDC2300; GPX5000, GPX4500, GPX4000, GP Series machines, X-Terra and CTX3030.

If you don't have a machine -- don't worry -- we can hire you one at a very good rate.

Beautiful countryside is a bonus for prospectors.

It pays to have a sense of humour when you get a big piece of rubbish like this!